Here is why you should be working with a video production company to create your next video. With budgets getting tighter and tighter and client expectations growing the creative industries are in a state of flux with the role of the video production company evolving and adapting with these changes.


When the idea pops into your head of ‘oh I’d like to make a video about that’ you are then immediately faced with a bombardment of questions. Should you turn to an ad agency, a specialist video production company, make it yourself or even hire a freelancer. 

So why chose the video production company

Well, in short, they are the ones that know what they are doing and have a lot of experience in a wide range of areas that you can utilize to help build the perfect video for your brand.


The internet has been a platform that has severely altered the nature of the relationship between brands and customers. The traditional strategies that ad agencies would use are no longer as effective and it is the video production companies that are now able to offer a full suite of marketing solutions. These include the strategy, production, creative and distribution of your video, all of which would have been outsourced to another 3rd party company when using another service. 


A video production company will also provide a wide range of creativity and give your company access to some of the best talents in the industry. Here at TECH TV we eat, sleep and breathe video. Our team is ready with a wide array of experience under their belts to help bring your visions to life.


As a video production company, we answer exclusively to our clients and will become like an extension of your own team in order to make the best video possible. We learn about your business and brand from the ground up and put ourselves in the shoes of your audience to make sure the video is targeting them correctly. 


With the evolution of technology and mobile phones in such a rapid way, why don’t you just make it yourself on your brand new iPhone? It’s an easy trap to fall into however there is a big reason people pay good money to hire a professional video production company. Getting good results is hard and things like shaky and amateurish can give the wrong impression of your brand. 


It’s an extremely exciting time to start working with a video production company. We have some great plans for 2022. If you want to talk to one of our team who are experts in the field give us a call or fire over a quick email and one of the TECH TV team will pick it up and help.