The question we find ourselves answering regularly is ‘what is colour grading?’. Have you ever noticed a video has a distinct look with a certain colour pallet? This could be a moody effect with dark colours and shadows or a nice and bright grade to portray happiness. Have you ever wondered how this is done and what the reasoning behind it is?


To colour grade a clip you will be adjusting the image by altering the colours and exposure to achieve the desired look. It’s also an important process for matching shots, especially when shooting in multiple locations under different lighting conditions. Colour grading helps to keep the footage consistent, with the same basic hues and shades throughout the video to keep all the shots in the same visual world. Take a look at the difference you can see in the image below. The left side is straight out of the camera and the right is once it’s been through the edit suite with our team of experts. See how the colours bring the shot from a flat profile to something that pops and entices the audience in. Colours can sometimes be something that is overlooked in the final stages of video production, however, here at TECH TV, we believe they are one of the most vital elements that put the finishing touches on a video. 

What is colour grading



Correction is to make the footage look ‘normal’, as the human eye sees it. Grading is when you change or enhance the aesthetics with stylistic choices. An example of this is the teal and orange look that was very popular in Hollywood a few years ago in movies such as Mad Max.

Grading can change the mood and tone of a video. Humans are hardwired to associate different colours with certain emotions, so by altering colour we can trigger different responses from the brain. Through colour grading, we can also control where the viewer’s eye is drawn to in the image. Our editors will work within the brief to grade the video in a way that evokes the right atmosphere for the tone of your video.

Our talented team of editors have an array of experience with colour grading so to get your video looking the best you possibly can enquire with us today either by phone or send over an email. We look forward to hopefully working with you soon.