Want Your Next Business Ad To Go Viral In 2015?

Getting a video to go viral is no easy task especially considering the amount of amazing and catchy content that is already out there. Ideally, marketers would want to promote and advertise a product or service and get people talking by using an effective video as a marketing tool. Hiring a professional video production company is one step towards achieving your goal. However there is a lot more to it than just that which is what this article will highlight.

viral video productionGo straight to the point

When people watch a video, they make a small commitment to themselves that they will watch it through and through. Now if your videos are too lengthy, no one would want to watch it. You have to consider that there are a lot of media out there, why would anyone want to watch something too time consuming? Deciding what length your video will be, requires a lot of thought. You obviously have to make sure that the viewer receives your message and retains it. There is no hard and fast rule on this because as we have seen over the years, longer videos go viral as well. Length is crucial but not the sole factor that determines a video’s virality.

Make your video informative

Everyone enjoys a good educational or how-to video. Add some interesting facts about your product or service that you know people would want to know. Make it so surprising that they would want to share it on their social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. By doing so, you are not only selling them your product, you are informing them as well.

Keep your content relevant

The most viral videos recently have one thing in common. It’s not high production cost or use of a celebrity endorser. It is that they are all relevant to the issue that we have nowadays. Regardless of which topic it is, try to add whatever is on the news on your video’s storyline, this is where trending hashtags can become very useful. It will make your video more relatable and the chances of your video getting shared across sites will significantly increase. Touching on current hot topics, however, can either result into good or bad publicity. You have to be careful about discussing topics that might be offensive to some people. You do not want your video to go viral for all the wrong reasons.

Your content should be compelling and inspiring

There is this popular misconception in the marketing and advertising world that only funny videos go viral. That’s not true. Inspirational videos do just as well as funny videos if executed properly. It is very important that you create content that taps into the viewer’s emotions and speak to them in human level. Your videos should evoke the feelings of love, compassion, happiness and even pain. People nowadays are tired of the quintessential promotional videos that they get. If you talk to them like a friend would, it makes your video more accessible to them.

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