Has video production gone Net Zero? In today’s world, climate change is one of the most pressing issues. Being sustainable is everywhere and here at TECH TV, we believe we all have to play our part to help the wider issue. The video production industry can easily be described as unsustainable and damaging to the earth with the endless paper documents to high-powered lighting, generators and lots of transport. However, we are trying our best to change that and below you can see how as a team we are trying to reduce and lower our carbon footprint.


As a production company, there will always be the need for some documentation to be printed however here at TECH TV we only print the vital documents we need such as call sheets or Carnes (equipment passports). These things are necessities but all our pre-production documents stay in the digital world. After a recent shift to the Google platform, we keep all our documents, project planning, storyboards and even receipts in a drive folder. This reduces the waste paper we produce. We also no longer require physical written signatures when signing on projects; we use a completely digital system that can be signed anywhere in the world with the use of no paper at all. 



Vehicles are one of the biggest polluters in today’s world. Our crew need to travel not only nationally but internationally to our shoots so finding a way to do this sustainably can be a challenge. When possible we will use as few cars as we can with crew jumping in with each other to reduce carbon emissions. We also encourage the use of public transport if possible where we are based in London with such great public transport networks such as the tube.


Single-use plastics are extremely bad for the environment, but everyone loves a coffee and it’s usually the way to a happy and productive crew! Where possible in our office and on shoots we use reusable coffee mugs to help reduce waste. If you’re not a coffee drinker like me, bringing my reusable water bottle along reduces another piece of single-use plastic. 


On shoots, we are always going to use a lot of power. Without the right lighting, our videos would look flat and boring. However, we also appreciate the importance of powering down lights during lunch breaks and coffee stops. Some lights consume a lot of energy and it’s important to be wary of this when on location. Where possible we use rechargeable batteries and LED bulbs which are more efficient and use less energy.

Our editors often get really stuck into client projects here at TECH TV, and it’s very tempting to leave an editing project open on our computers after a shift so that we can hit the ground running in the morning. However, we make sure we switch our computers off overnight to save on our power consumption.


If you’re looking to produce your next high-quality corporate video, get in contact with our team via email or feel free to give us a call!