Using Voiceover In Your London Video Production

Using a voiceover in your London video production can really add that professional touch, especially when you find the right voiceover artist for your project. There’s many different styles of voiceovers, and most professionals can record a voice to suit your video style. There are, however, some important factors to when working with a voiceover artist:

  1. Listen to showreels

    • Professional voiceover artists should have multiple showreels, all different styles. Work with your London video production company to help suggest the best style for your video, they should be able to send plenty of examples.
  2. Cheap isn’t always best

    • There’s plenty of options when it comes to voiceover, but doing it on the cheap could ruin your video.
    • So much effort goes into producing a stylish and polished video, the last thing you want to do is add a low quality voiceover and reduce the production value.
  3. Work with your London video production company

    • Your video production team should have plenty of experience working with many voiceover artists and studios. They can advise on style, pace, and quality.
    • It may be that you’re only producing one video at the time, but have more in the pipeline. Most voiceover sessions are booked on an hours basis, so try and utilise that time and record a few scripts.
    • It’s always best to record your voiceover at the last moment. Focus on getting your video signed of first, and then add the voiceover at the end. It can get expenses if you start tweaking the script after the first record.
  4. Sit in on the recording

    • Always find out if you can sit in on the voiceover recording, usually you’ll be able to dial in and can even give your feedback during the session.
    • Sitting in on the recording could potentially save you a heap of time, and budget. Being able to listen and direct during the session assures that you’re certain you’re happy and usually means there are no tweaks needed.

Here at Tech TV we’ve worked with plenty of voiceover artists, and have a huge library of voices. Get in touch today and we can help you add the right voice to your video.

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