Here are some tips for making your business video Net Zero. With the conclusion of the COP26 climate summit on the horizon it’s more important than ever to look into making a Net Zero video for your business. The thought of this may sound daunting and impossible but there are lots of small ways you can help lower your production’s carbon footprint. 


But First Some Background

The COP26 Conference took place in Scotland in November 2021 and saw some of the world’s biggest companies, countries and individuals come together and pledge how they are going to help the climate crisis the world is currently facing. 

In an interview with the BBC, Chancellor Rishi Sunak claimed the UK was leading the world in becoming the “first-ever Net-Zero aligned global financial centre”. He said that changes would mean: “Better and more consistent climate data; sovereign green bonds; mandatory sustainability disclosures; proper climate risk surveillance; and proper global reporting standards.”

At COP26 a total of 450 firms controlling 40% of global financial assets – equivalent to $130tn (£95tn) – have agreed to commit to limit global warming to 1.5C above pre-industrial levels. This requires a lot of work and every industry needs to pull together to achieve this.


What Actually Does It Mean For Something To Be Net Zero?

For something to be Net Zero, you have to have a balance between the amount of greenhouse gas produced and the amount removed from the atmosphere. We reach net zero when the amount we add is no more than the amount taken away.


How Can You Help?

When making a video there are lots of components involved that could use a lot of energy, fossil fuels and pollute the earth. It’s important to look at what these may be and to see how you can actively reduce the damage they do.

In the pre-production stages, you can limit the number of things you are printing. Just having paper copies of the vital documents and storing all other pre-production materials in an online cloud such as google cloud will reduce the amount of paper waste. Here at TECH TV we no longer need physical signatures and send out all paperwork that does require a signature in digital format that people can sign through their computer.

Vehicles are one of the biggest polluters in today’s world. Using public transport to travel to filming and meetings means less fossil fuels are being emitted into the environment. If public transport isn’t possible, sharing cars with other crew and investing in electric or hybrid cars will all lower the emissions being emitted into the air. 

Power is always a necessity on a shoot but there are ways you can limit the amount of energy you use. The use of solar panel battery packs to charge mobile devices or tablets, rechargeable batteries for some lighting and camera and LED lighting which uses less energy, will all help reduce your production’s carbon footprint.