We have created the ultimate sustainability guide to video production after the industry has arguably become one the most influential in the world. The impact it has on people and the environment is far greater than some others and companies now need to become more aware of the effects whether they are positive or negative. Since the concussion of  COP26 prominent media companies within the industry is setting the bar for sustainable business practices. But it can’t just be the huge corporations who help bring about change, the smaller businesses need to follow suit. There is a range of ways this can be done tailored to fit your budget and goals and in time can also bring about cost savings and other benefits.


Sustainability in the production office

In the planning stages of a video project, meetings are held, notes are made, storyboards are drawn up and other important documents are passed around. Then after the shoot, the video arrives into our edit suites and the project powers onward towards the finish line. There are many ways to make this setting greener, starting with the elimination and reduction of paper. 

The ultimate sustainability guide for video production

Here at TECH TV, we make use of the technology we have available today to make nearly all our documentation entirely digital. Not only does this include call sheets, planning documents and scripts but it also covers our project sign off forms which are now done through a digital E-Sign system that allows our client to sign from anywhere in the world with no paper involved. Here at the office, we recycle all paper that is used via an external company that collects the recycling and sorts it at their local facility.  


Lower fossil fuel usage

It’s often hard to look at a project and see where you can lower fossil fuel usage as fuel is required in many aspects of production, from the transportation or crew to occasionally the powering of generators when on location. It’s critical that extra steps are in place to help reduce the usage this can be done through the use of cleaner fuels and even electric vehicles. 

The ultimate sustainability guide for video production

Here at TECH TV, we are trying to make a difference moving towards a greener way of getting to work. Half of our team travel to work via electric vehicles with some walking into the office. Some of the most common ways we will lower our fossil fuel usage when travelling to shoots are by using public transport to shoots if possible and if this can’t be done sharing cars to get as many crew in one vehicle. 


Reducing energy usage 

Energy is key for most things to work when on a video shoot. This dependability often scares people into trying to find a different option and ways to reduce their usage. 

The ultimate sustainability guide for video production

Here at TECH TV, we have a number of standard protocols to reduce our own usage. We use rechargeable batteries for most of our equipment which has a long-running time and can usually last a whole shoot on one charge. When on location and not rolling we will turn off any additional lighting that’s not being used to help save energy. 


We are committed to helping the world eventually meet its Net Zero aims and believe that everyone needs to play their part to reach that goal. If you are looking to create your next video project in a more sustainable way get in contact with the team here at TECH TV today we are experts in the field with over 10 years of experience. Give us a call or send over an email to hello@tech-tv.co.uk and one of the team will get back to you.