Self Filmed Business Video Solutions

Need your self filmed business video content edited quickly and professionally?

We can take your saved recordings from video conferencing software like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype and Webex and create professional branded content. We can also work with your iPhone, Android, iPad or tablet created content.

You choose how polished you want it - from a quick trim up to a more polished finished product. We can add text, titles, logos, branding, music, subtitles and more. You choose.

And all with the can-do TECH TV service.

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Filming Advice and Support

We can also offer advice and support on how to best film your self-shot Zoom or other video content.

From sound and lighting tips, to cloud uploads and more.

We also offer professional coaching on how to present to camera, so you look professional and in control.


Need More?

Need more than just a self filmed video edit? We can now offer subscription packages for Zoom type edits for you and your team. Please ask for more info.

Or maybe you need a more polished business, marketing or sales video handled from start to finish.

Then get in touch with our multi-award winning video team now.

They'll be happy to help.

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