With Government advice and the news surrounding Coronavirus changing by the day, we at TECH TV are aware of how important it is to do our part when it comes to social distancing.


We know that remote working is unfamiliar territory for a lot of businesses and, with usual face-to-face interactions being very limited, finding ways to connect with one another feels more important now than ever.

We know it’s not business as usual but we can help you get back there. Here are 3 ways we can work alongside you to get your message out there from your home office or anywhere.



Re-edits are a brilliant tool for marketing your business when filming new material is not possible. At TECH TV we have plenty of experience in working with archived footage and can help you to release something that looks shiny and new without the need for any face-to-face video shoots.


Many of our clients favor using stock footage for particular projects because of how versatile and diverse it is. With hundreds of thousands of options to choose from, we can work with you remotely to select the perfect clips for your message.


When it comes to animation, the realms of what is possible are continuously evolving. Your video can be entirely personalized to your business without the need for video shoots. That is why many of our clients find this to be the perfect tool to connect with their audience.


Do any of these options sound like a great solution for your business?
Check out the video below and get in touch with us to find out more about our remote video production options.



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