Reach Your Marketing Goals With An Advert Production Company.

Online video marketing is growing at a phenomenal rate with a staggering 76 percent of marketers planning to add video to their sites. This stat makes the use of video a higher priority than Facebook, Twitter and blog integration. There are many forms of videos that a promo video production company can help you with, from a Kickstarter video production to a cinematic corporate video. There is a huge variety of video styles, which goes to show to the size of the online video community. So how can you and your production company make a video that represents your company? 

Brand over sales

Have a meeting with your advert production company about your core company values and the main points you want to make throughout your video. A good video company will use this as a starting point and this could potentially save you time and money during the production process. Customers could be less likely to show interest in your video unless they are already looking for what you have to offer. Having  a great idea and a creative treatment will increase the chances of a viewer purchasing your product or service eventually, as they’re more likely to remember a great looking and engaging ad. 

The art of storytellingshutterstock_112905853

Never before has there been so many opportunities to tell a company story online. Traditionally the whole company history was told through press releases, which was distributed through third parties. Now marketers can visualise the whole journey online on social media, which could potentially go globally. In fact we’d recommend that clients consider making several short videos for social media, rather than one long video that includes your entire company history. PR Newswire reports that by adding multimedia alongside a press release, visibility of the company can increase by up to 552 percent. This approach is useful for those who want to use a UK advert production company to convey a company’s story in a new PR campaign.

Honesty is the key

Your companies honesty could be the difference between whether customers choose you or not. Using a UK promo video production company will allow your personality to shine through without sacrificing the key message of your video. The Houston Chronicle writes that honest business practices will inspire customers with respect for your mission and build foundations of trust with competitors and customers. “The Golden Rule” is to treat employees, partners, investors and customers in the ways the business owner would want them to treat him. This idea can be applied to your corporate video, as you should only make the kind of content you would watch at home. If you wouldn’t watch a 10 minute video on your iPad, nether will your customers. 

Long-term mentality

Whether you’re a start up or maintaining an established company, long-term marketing will enable your video to garner valuable return on investment. Paid searches enable customers to come across the video and are critical customer-acquisition channels for firms of all sizes. Content marketing is also a powerful tool that enables customer dedication and loyalty, which is vital for strategic marketing. To sustain life, your video needs to be shared, therefore it needs to be distributed where people who are interested in your product or service will find it. Using influential bloggers and networks is a great way for the content to continue to spread and will prove effective alongside a paid solution.

Wondering which style suits your campaign best? Tech TV offers a wide range of high-quality production services.  We work from our offices in London and Surrey. Whether it’s a Kickstarter video production or cinematic corporate videos, we film for clients all over the UK, Europe and the world.

Thinking of having your own video advert? Get in touch. We offer a wide range of high-quality production services. We work from our offices in London and Surrey. Whether its launch adverts or cinematic corporate videos, we film for clients all over the UK, Europe and the world.

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