Promotional Video Production London – Three Simple Rules

  • Concise

  • Relevant

  • Engaging

Did that opener catch your attention? That’s what your promotional video must do. You have less than ten seconds to get your message across before viewers switch to something more interesting. If you can engage your viewers, the prize is worth it – 92% of mobile users say they’ll share a video if it grabs their attention. And that means a wider audience, whether you’re trying to sell a concept, your company or a product. Video can be one of the most powerful tools in your marketing toolbox if you stick to these three simple rules when planning your promotional video production London.



Attention spans are waning. People aren’t willing to invest much time, but ironically expect more. 50% of data traffic is mobile, so you’re competing with the TV, the outside world and a thousand and one other distractions.

Imagine your video is the equivalent of a text message, a TV advert or even the old-fashioned telegram. Its main purpose is to get to the point: convey your important message up front, as fast as possible.

Your video should be no longer than it needs to be. Every word, image, sound effect and animation must add something, or it shouldn’t be there. Edit it down, and then edit again till you’re left with the bare bones. Every second should add something vital.



Know your audience. If you’ve got something important to say, then say it to the right people. Who are they: young, older, professionals or laymen? Tailor your message and means of delivery to appeal to them. Otherwise, you’ve lost them.

The same principle applies to where you put your video – choose your channels wisely. Whether you go for YouTube, the second largest search engine on the net, or something a bit more niche like Vimeo, Vine or Instagram, the demographics are all slightly different. Where are your customers most likely to be?

Sell solutions people want. But you’re not aiming for a hard sell – if they’ve found your video, they already have partial buy-in. Some of the most popular keywords for the videos that go viral are ‘How to’, ‘What is?’ and ‘Tutorial’. Offer them information and knowledge. How can your product or service meet their need?



Here, content and presentation are equally important.

For content, think about the triggers you’ll use to get your audience to take action. Be brave and creative – for example, aim for positive content that inspires amusement, surprise or awe. Research shows that the more intense a reaction you provoke, the more people will share a video – and that’s how they go viral.

For presentation, invest wisely in production. An amateur-looking video shot from your iPhone may look right in some circumstances, but generally opt for HD quality video – it looks and sounds better; and you’re showing off your company’s values and image, after all.


How not to be seen

If your promotional video production is ten minutes long and the message is hidden halfway through, you’ve lost the battle – not to mention the audience. Keep it brief.

If your message doesn’t offer the target audience something they want (or didn’t know they wanted but do now), they’ll move onto the next thing. Relevance is key.

If you can’t provoke your audience into some kind of strong reaction, they won’t watch it. And if they won’t watch it, they certainly won’t share it. Surprise, entertain and inform.

Grab their attention, hold their attention and inspire them to action. Do this and you’ve got the recipe for success.

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