A Promo Video Production Company’s Guide To What Makes A Viral Ad

Grumpy cats and blended iPhones are worlds apart, but they have one thing in common: videos of them have gone viral. . But what is it that makes a video spread globally? Here’s a list of ingredients that we think could help your potential video receive clicks everywhere from Hollywood to the Himalayas.

Play a part

Viewers of T-Mobile’s video, which featured a flashmob filmed at Liverpool Street station in London, saw passers-by to join in the dance and notched up more than 30m hits on YouTube. But The Guardian isn’t convinced that simply having the public participate guarantees success. The company should also be involved itself to draw in the viewer. Engaging with an audience can lead to increased interest. This route has been taken on by brands such as Old Spice in several of their marketing campaigns.

Stay Informative

Audiences are always craving more information. The balance of being informative yet interesting enables the video to be sharable and in turn spread globally. Videos that have the element of surprise, or a bit of humour will spread over traditional educational clips. Meeting with your promo video production company allows you to tell them the direction you want your video to go. Then trust them to make the video relevant to audiences and current trends while you concentrate on the informative content.

Get Inspirational

Eric Thomas’ “The Truth” motivational speech has continuously spread throughout social media over the last five years. Despite being uploaded over half a decade ago, the video still pops up on news feeds from Twitter to Instagram due to its uplifting message that is aided by audio visual techniques. Audiences appreciate an stimulating story, and the more inspiring it is, the more your audience will want to share it with their companions.

Keep it snappyshutterstock_78049630

The most recent crop of graduates have been dubbed the ADD generation with attention spans getting shorter and shorter with having only 140 characters to express our views. Make sure you have covered the key points of what the message is in the first few seconds of  your video. A survey published in The New York Times found more than 19 percent of people had left a video after only 10 seconds. By covering the key points early on you have reduced the amount of viewers who have not heard your whole case before they switch over.  This approach is specifically handy for those working with a Kickstarter video production, as it will be their first and possibly only time to shine.

Remain on top of trends

Videos that have played on current events have been able to jump on the carriage and visit screens all over the world. Whether it’s a catchy meme or a celebrity story, many companies have used the momentum to their advantage. However even though news stories can help a firm, it can be just as damaging.

Paddy Power found this out when they attempted to use the Oscar Pistorius trial as a betting promotion, which received a huge backlash from the public. Using UK cinematic corporate videos by an advert video production company will ensure that your advert is up to date and effective in the modern market.

Tech TV offers a wide range of high-quality production services.  We work from our offices in London and Surrey. Whether its launch adverts or cinematic corporate videos, we film for clients all over the UK, Europe and the world.

Thinking of having your own video advert? Get in touch. We offer a wide range of high-quality production services. We work from our offices in London and Surrey. Whether its launch adverts or cinematic corporate videos, we film for clients all over the UK, Europe and the world.

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