Online Video Marketing in 2015

For the past few years, corporate experts have been focusing on the production of visual marketing content for effective online marketing. As consumers today suffer from a lack of time and short attention spans, it is no wonder that marketing videos have emerged out as one of the most effective tools of consumer engagement and interaction.

What is in store for online video marketers?

While online video marketing has been a dominant force in the field of digital marketing in 2014, what concerns many is the role and importance of marketing videos in the coming year.

As implied by the findings and conclusions of studies and research, online video marketing is to show significant growth in popularity in 2015. Since its advent, it has shown consistent growth in popularity and it may not be a long time away that marketing videos are to be considered as the elemental tools of digital and online marketing.

According to the finding of a survey conducted by Demand Metric, in association with Ascend2, 69% of the businesses have been actively incorporating the use of marketing videos in to their marketing strategies, while another 31%expressed their interest and willingness to make online video marketing the core of their marketing strategies.

Online video marketing has proven its worth for the accomplishment of various marketing objectives, benefitting most in the creation of brand awareness. Other two of the major objectives which online video marketing has benefitted significantly concerns lead generation and effective online engagement.

Though, presently brand websites serve as primary platforms for the placement of marketing videos but the increasing evidence of their effectiveness on various portals of online video sharing and social media platforms is suggestive of the shift of focus from posting marketing videos on brand websites to these media of consumer interaction and engagement.

Moreover, in the coming year, demand for the optimisation of marketing videos is to increase considerably. For effective online video marketing, it has now become essential that your marketing videos are designed to suit all the established standards and requirements of SEO and can be easily found in the search results. For this very purpose, various practices have become elemental components of online video marketing, such as the usage of SEO keywords in video tags, descriptions and titles and posting videos as a part of blog posts.

The growing relevance of online video marketing has led to an increase in the trend of various businesses availing the services of a reputable video production company, which has made up for the lack of resources of marketing video production for many businesses. Ultimately, the production of quality video content and good marketing videos contribute towards increasing a business’ returns on investments. In fact, it is one of the most evident tangible results that have risen out of effective online video marketing.

In the coming times, marketing videos are to become an essential element of the marketing mix, which are to redefine various concepts of marketing, which are already going through a phase of transformation. 2015 is believed to be a year of specialisation of online video marketing.

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