Captivating Netflix Documentary Style Corporate Video

Netflix has changed the game and breathed new life into documentary films - especially those about technology. They're stylish and tell a story that's visually interesting. Now we can help you use that style to tell your story to share on your own platforms.

Our team of expert creatives know all the secret filming and editing techniques used in the major Netflix docs. Using these techniques in your next corporate video will help increase interest and engagement, whilst also making you look less stuffy and more stylish.

We have experience in producing these and can do everything to quickly help you get you from script to screen.

Check out an Example

Getting your audience's attention is hard. Especially with long-form video. But our talented team of producers & editors know all the techniques to make your video engaging and also look like it was meant for the trending page on Netflix. Here's a trailer for an example we recently scripted and shot on location for a client in the USA.


"Consistently professional and efficient - a real pleasure to work with. So pleased with the quality of the videos they have created for us."

CBRE plc, London/Europe

"My go-to production company, plain and simple. Nothing is too much problem and their communication is second to none."

Oracle, UK/Europe

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Video that grabs your audience's attention

People are exposed to so much video these days that old fashioned corporate video is not good enough. You need to make content that would make the cut on Netflix, not a Powerpoint. Make your video in a style that people will WANT to watch.

Ask us to show you how we could make you something outside-of-the-box that would look at home on the Netflix most popular page.

Our team of expert creatives have got tons of great ideas to help you create something truly memorable, and that gets your message across.

Get in touch today and get trending.