Net Zero and Climate Change – How To Make Business Content for Marketing and Campaigns

Net Zero Digital Content Production

Since Cop26, Net Zero and climate change and the environment are now firmly in the sights of the business world. Sixty of UK’s FTSE100 biggest listed companies have said they will eliminate their contribution to carbon emissions by 2050 as part of the United Nations Race to Zero campaign. They are part of the 5,200 companies which have joined up to the UN pledge.

FTSE companies and businesses large and small now need to communicate and market their aims with Net Zero. This could be with video production, animation, podcasts, webcasts, web streaming, social media content, blogs or landing pages. Making digital content is the most efficient way of marketing to a wide audience and finding out who makes climate change content and Net Zero.

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Examples of Climate Emergency Content

We have recently made a climate aware series for BP called Energy Illustrated. The treatment idea was developed in-house by ourselves and the pre-production and studio production was handled by our expert team. Editing and post production was done back at our production HQ. The resulting films were award winning and rolled out on LinkedIN and CNN.

Race To Zero

The Race to Zero acts as a kickstart for companies going green, guiding their actions in the transition to net zero and positioning businesses at the forefront of the global race to develop new green technology, kick-start new industries and attract private investment.

Business and Industry Minister Lee Rowley said: “Businesses both large and small, across all sectors of the global economy, have a crucial role to play in both reducing their environmental impact and developing the green technologies that will set us on the path to net zero. With over 2,500 UK companies joining the Race to Zero, including the majority of our largest firms, the UK is leading the way in showing how going green doesn’t just make sense for the planet – it makes business sense too.”

Taking action on climate change will help businesses grow, seize new opportunities, create new jobs, encourage investment and adapt against the challenges of a changing planet, while reducing emissions can lower businesses’ running costs, save them money and attract new customers – ultimately helping them maintain a competitive advantage locally and globally.

The commitments build on the government’s recently published Net Zero Strategy, which outlines measures to transition to a green and sustainable future, helping businesses and consumers to move to clean power, supporting hundreds of thousands of well-paid jobs and leveraging up to £90 billion of private investment by 2030.

UK net zero business champion Andrew Griffith told The Independent: “With over 2,500 UK companies joining the Race to Zero, including the majority of our largest firms, the UK is leading the way in showing how going green doesn’t just make sense for the planet – it makes business sense too.”

Producing Content

But how do you produce digital content that is geared towards Net Zero and sustainability?  Like any business or corporate content production, you need to ask the experts. We’re happy to advise on the best routes across video, audio, social and digital. We can produce all in-house and using our team of wider experts.

We produce content on a range of environmental issues. From company sustainability to electric vehicles or EVs. Here is a video for a scheme to promote EVs to employees through salary sacrifice.

Deloitte asked 1,168 CFOs what their companies are doing on climate change. Their responses reveal there is an increasing pressure to act from a broad range of stakeholders, companies’ climate responses focus primarily on measures that have a short-term cost-saving effect, a thorough understanding of climate risks is rare, few companies have a governance and steering mechanism in place to develop and implement comprehensive climate strategies and targets for carbon emission reductions are usually not aligned with the Paris Agreement.

Many companies are taking the first step of developing climate action plans. For both company and individual business units. The goals of a climate action plan largely depend on the type of company.

Many have already adopted CSR or corporate social responsibility to help be socially accountable to stakeholders and the public at large. Companies need to understand and believe in the benefits of it for their business however. Sustainability combined with procurement that is also sustainable makes a good case for FTSE or medium to large business. No company wants to be linked to deforestation or water shortages or questions about how raw materials are sourced or products made.

Management consultants say for marketing positioning or brand purpose, a company must determine what sustainability means for their business. They also say, to create trust, the conversation must extend beyond consumers to all relevant stakeholders, including employees or recruits, investors and environmental groups. Best in class communication skills are required to engineer the messaging.

Leading companies are already taking action though to cut their own emissions and become more resilient to climate impacts. C2ES has found that, internally, companies want a deeper understanding of the risks and opportunities of a changing climate. Many are already taking steps to reduce their carbon footprints (the emissions from producing their products) and the emissions from the sales and use of their products.

They are also involving suppliers, customers, key stakeholders and policymakers, as well as publicly reporting emissions and energy-usage data, climate-related risks and management strategies. By partnering with other companies and stakeholders on solutions, they also are seen to be publicly supporting policies like the Paris Agreement.

Climate change is a critical topic for marketers, Marketing Directors and executives and the need to clearly communicate aims and objectives is vital.

If you need more information about making digital content like video, animation or podcasts for Net Zero, sustainability or an environmental or climate issue, please get in touch with our team now, who will be happy to help.