What Makes an Online Marketing Video Go Viral

Going viral is probably the main goal of every business when they decide to create an online marketing video. You ideally want to reach as many viewers as possible and generate conversations around your product through your online marketing video. However, going viral might sound easy in theory but is difficult to execute. And even if you hit a lucky stride once, it can be very difficult to replicate the success of your video that went viral. There’s just so much competition out there. Here are some basic tips on how to create a viral online marketing video:

Timing is Very Important

The possibility of your videos going viral will grow exponentially higher if the content is relevant. Keep yourself up to date with the current trends and happenings. By linking your online marketing video to content that has already gone viral or is currently going viral, you will gain more viewers. This will also increase your viewership. Not only that, creating content that is relevant to current issue makes it more relatable to the viewers and the possibility of them sharing it on their social media pages will be higher. Make pop culture references or punch lines about current issues. Look out for possible offensive themes though; you do not want your video to go viral for the wrong reasons.

Be straightforward yet accessible

You have to keep your videos as short as possible, remember, most people who will view this video have very short attention spans. Be very careful however, when deciding the length of your video. Your message should not be compromised and there are certain cases where long videos have gone viral as well. The main point is to stick to the message and deliver. Put the most important and interesting bits in the opening seconds of the video to make sure that your audience will continue to watch or if they decide to turn it off, the most significant parts of your video has already been delivered.

Inspire People

Most of the videos that go viral online are either funny or inspirational. If you tap into these key human emotions effectively, you got yourself an online sensation. Tell an inspiring story that links to your company and the product you are selling. You can use real life stories that people can relate to or a very well written scripted one that touches hearts and people find precious enough to want to share to their friends and family. Success stories that are well executed are always a hit amongst the people.

Inform Your Audience

People love learning about new things. Incorporate information into your video in an interesting enough way that your audience will be compelled to share it on their Facebook or Twitter accounts. Spend time to research about mind blowing facts that your audience haven’t herd of yet and try to combine that with what you are selling. Videos that are highly informative are very shareable, the more interesting and surprising the information is, the better.

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