Hiring Locations For Your Corporate Video Production

It’s not every corporate video production that will use the office as the shoot location. For example, sometimes it’s necessary to use a lifestyle shoot to get a particular message across and they are usually set in locations that aren’t office based.

On occasion it may be necessary to go so far as to hire a location in order to have the right background, if this is something that you’re considering and you’ve been looking around at a number of locations, here’s what you need to consider:


  1. If going through a location agency, be mindful that there will be a booking fee in addition to the agreed hire cost.
  2. Approaching the owner of the location directly can often cut down on costs as there won’t be a middle man to pay.
  3. Be careful whilst at the location, any damages or changes to the location could be costly

Recce of indoor location for corporate video production

  1. Make sure you go and check out the location before filming there, that way no surprises will ariseCanon C300
  2. While scouting out the location, take pictures and try set up the shots you want. Share the pictures with people who haven’t been there before and ask for feedback and constructive criticism.
  3. Consider whether backgrounds and wall colours are suitable for what you need. Dull colours such as grey or beige won’t be very appealing to your audience.
  4. Check out the lighting – of course the crew can adjust this to suit, but some types of lighting can be very unflattering.
  5. Noise levels should be considered. Is the site close to the flight path of a major airport, a motorway or a railway line? It’s recommended that you run a sound test at around the same time of day that you plan to shoot your corporate video production. Also watch out for school playgrounds. Check for echoes also.
  6. You’ll need power for your equipment. If there isn’t access to power, then you may need to advise crews to bring their own generators.

What you need at the locationCorporate Video Production Location

  1. If you’re out of the city, parking shouldn’t be an issue however if you’re city bound make sure to ask the owner about parking. Carrying the kit on the day from one end of the street to another could become a problem.
  2. Double check that you’re OK to move furniture around before moving anything
  3. Make sure to leave the location how you found it, being a good guest will always bode well and could even work in your favour for the next time
  4. The weather is going to play an important role if you’re shooting outside. Rain, high winds or snow can stop play. We suggest that a back-up day is scheduled, just in case.
  5. Security of valuable camera and sound equipment is important. If the crew will be on the move, arrange for a secure storage facility for the gear for your corporate video production.
  6. Available parking. The guys (and gals) will need to be able to park close to the shoot so as to not to have to carry gear too far.

All of these points should be considered as you plan your corporate video production – to help make it the success that you’re looking for.

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