The Importance of Online Video Marketing Within Social Media

Marketing videos are a growing phenomenon in the world of social media, as consumers’ preferences have shifted from reading text to viewing graphic and filmed content. Online video marketing has proved to be one of the most effective ways of engaging this newfound consumer segment, which as suggested above, gives preferences to viewing videos over reading.

Today, businesses are heavily reliant on internet as an effective and wide-reaching medium to actively interact with their consumers and convey to them their brand values and identity. Resultantly, in the wake of the emergence of new trends and changes, promotional video production is deemed to be a successful methodology for familiarising target consumers with a brand and ensuring higher consumer engagement.

The feasibility of online video marketing is evident through the success of YouTube which according to stats collected in 2013 gets 1 billion unique user visits per month. This marks the importance of integrating marketing videos in your social media marketing strategy to boost your sales and revenue generation through maximum consumer exposure and interaction.

Colour-social-media-icons-squareToday, social media is a potent medium for widespread and swift communication, providing sufficient support to promotional video production, and in turn increasing its utility for enterprises through the providence of a platform to publicise their products and services. The fact the an estimate of 500 YouTube videos are viewed on Facebook daily, while 700 of these being shared through Twitter every minute is a proof of the growing importance and role of videos on social media and online video marketing.

In fact, marketing videos are today created in relevance to their effectiveness on social media. Social media users are considered as a significant consumer segment and various analytics are taken under consideration before a company or brand moves towards the stage of promotional video production. The content of the online is composed in accordance with the preferences of social media users and to ensure that a marketing video plays its role on the social media to the best of its potential.

Online video marketing on social media also includes the production and posting of explainer videos, which are an important aspect of online content marketing. Moreover, as most of the users today access social media through smartphones, these explainer and marketing videos are specifically formatted and designed in compatibility with the requirements of mobile viewing. It is suggested that mobile is to become a dominant force concerning the use and access to social media, and hence, promotional video production is now being modified to satisfy all the latest demands that entail the emergence of this new social media medium.

Studies suggest that 37% of social media users today prefer video viewing over any other form of interaction with brands and enterprises. More so, with the growing influence and importance of graphic content, this percentage is expected to grow at a steep rate and marketing videos in unification with social media are to become a significant force leading to a business’ success and survival.

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