How To Use YouTube To Showcase Your Corporate Videos

As you may have noticed, video marketing has taken the world by storm in recent years. And it’s no surprise, with 100 million people watching videos online every day about products and business services. So you’ve decided to get on the video marketing bandwagon, but how do you make the most of YouTube and use it to showcase your videos?


What Do You Want To Achieve From YouTube?

The effectiveness of your YouTube videos all depends on what you want them to do. Once you understand that, you can design a campaign to promote and showcase your corporate videos in the right way for the right results. YouTube has always been great for B2C businesses, as uploading product demos, Q&A’s and extra materials is easy and great content for your customers.

In this sense, it’s used more as a sales and marketing tool in it’s own right. But with B2B marketing, YouTube is instead the perfect way to reinforce existing relationships with your customers. You can use your corporate videos to help make an otherwise impersonal and faceless relationship more personal, let your management team speak directly to customers and provide an on going conversation outside the sales space.


Create A Fantastic Corporate Video

 Before you start setting up your channel, you should make sure you have a first class corporate video. But remember – YouTube is all about collecting and creating videos that people actually want to watch, so making sure it hits your audience in the right way is key. From our experience, there are 3 ways to do this:

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Create an entertaining video:

Above all, people love to laugh. So give them a video that’s witty and funny and you’ve got a winner.


Create An Informative Video:

People are always on the go, and they love to catch up with the latest news when they get a moment.


Create An Educational Video:Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 09.41.47

Human beings are curious creatures, and we love to learn. Teach your viewers how to do certain things, or what new regulations could mean for them.

We can help you create your own professional video for YouTube – just ask!


Shout Out About Your Videos

Of course, it’s not enough to just have corporate videos online, people have to be able to find them too. So once your video is live, post about it on Facebook, send out some Tweets and share a link on LinkedIn. Promote it through your newsletter and write a blog about it. On top of all this social media promotion, you can also advertise directly with YouTube and get your message seen by millions of YouTube viewers every single day.


Optimise, Optimise, Optimise! 

Your YouTube channel needs the same love and care as your website – and that includes optimisation. YouTube is like Google for videos, so to get your corporate video found you need to optimise it for search. This is quite similar to optimising for Google – make sure you use appropriate keywords in your video titles, descriptions and tags, credit any notable speakers, partner and customers and ensuring there is an accurate description present.


Embed Your Videos In Your Website

But your video presence shouldn’t stop at YouTube. Embedding your videos in your website more than doubles the chances of them being watched, and it showcases your business to even more people. Customers viewing your website are able to watch your video and get a clear idea of what you do and if you can help them quickly, as if they had already had a conversation with you. Create a Video Gallery and embed all of your videos there, and showcase one on your homepage all the time.

At Tech TV London & Surrey, we live and breathe video, so if you have any questions about setting up your YouTube channel or creating your first corporate video, we are more than happy to help -just give our video production team a call!