Ever wondered how to make your brand video look like a Netflix original? It’s easier than you think, trust us!


First, let’s talk about Netflix. I’m sure through the various lockdown periods you found yourself scrolling through the array of things the streaming platform has to offer. But did you like me to start to watch some of their originals? Netflix originals have changed the game, breathing new life into not only series but documentary films. Their stylish look combined with visually interesting quirks all helps to tell the story to its audience. But what does this have to do with us?


How Can We Help?

We can bring this stylish approach to a documentary or brand video that you want to develop as part of your marketing strategy. Our team of expert creatives know all the filming and editing secrets used in the major Netflix documentaries which we can then use to make your brand video look sharp. 


How Do We Do This?

Our team has an array of techniques they have learnt through years of experience in the industry. From filming in 4k to a professional colour graded final look your video is certain to catch people’s eyes. Gone are the days where people will watch a 5-minute interview. Audiences now need to be captivated in the first few seconds of a video. The use of cinematic b-roll showing how your business operates tied in with some slo-mo shots of some exciting activities, these techniques will bring your brand video up to the next level.


But Why?

Using these techniques in your next corporate video will not only make you stand out but will help increase interest and engagement to your brand, whilst also making you look less stuffy and more stylish.


We are experts in this field and our talented array of producers at TECH TV can help your vision come to life. Give us a call and have a no-obligation chat about what we can do for you. Take a look at this example of a company video we made for Excellerate Services.