Testimonials are hugely powerful, but how do you make the best video customer testimonial possible. As a sales and marketing professional, you know this. If you can then turn them into video – well that then takes them to a whole new level. But how do you actually do this? And how do you make them the best they can be? Let’s take a look at how to make the best customer testimonial.




Without a happy client – you have no testimonial. It might seem obvious, but you need to think about who you might be able to get on camera to talk about your product or service. Just calling them up and expecting them to be happy with a film crew rocking up at one of their sites next week isn’t going to go down well. Your client will be having to give up their time in order to promote your company so think about how you can persuade them to do it. Is there something you can offer in return? Could you offer a discount on the price if they agree to do it at the contract signing stage? Can you offer them a copy of the footage to use themselves? The team at Tech TV are full of ideas you can use to help them agree to it. 




Yes, filming your client sat at their boardroom table might be the easiest way to get the testimonial done, but it doesn’t show your product or service in action. Think about how your client has used your business and where. Then get out and film them in action. Is it a POS system? Film it in action in a restaurant. A piece of hardware that streamlines a process? Film it in use on the warehouse floor. A new service offering to improve employee welfare? Show the staff at work. You get the idea.




The best video customer testimonials make sure that the initial problem is talked about and then explain how your business came in and solved the problem (and did it well!) Think about the audience watching your testimonial video. What stage of the buying process are they likely to be in? Think about the concerns and questions they are likely to have and make sure your testimonial video answers these.


Don’t panic – at Tech TV we don’t expect you to do all this alone. Our experienced Producers have done a huge number of video customer testimonials over the years, so they know what you need to make them the best they can be. Making a Customer Testimonial is our bread and butter at Tech TV. Give the team a call – you can be sure that you and your client will be in safe hands.