Want to know how to make Zoom calls look good? Got an important pitch that you need to do virtually? Faced with an online critical update to Investors? Organising a big company-wide communication delivered by your CEO or MD over Teams?

A professional, slick, high level impression is paramount.

Whatever the reason for your important Zoom, Microsoft Teams or WebEx call, being well lit and sounding good will leave your audience (whoever they may be) with a lasting positive impression.

Your everyday set-up might not be good enough. That’s where we come in. At TECH TV, we can give you studio quality production, lights, camera, sound and autocue for your important calls, with a feed that plugs straight into your video software.




One of the keys on how to make zoom calls look good is ‘image’. Video communication in whatever form, should reflect your product/service quality and your business ethos.

You wouldn’t dream of turning up to an important pitch in your scruffy gym clothes, or supplying data for investors printed on scrap paper. Neither of these represent you or your business in the best light, you know that. It’s imperative that you treat important video calls in the same way.

When they’re not in the room with you, your potential customers, investors or employees will be judging you based on how you look and sound. If you’re framed by a terribly unflattering angle or surrounded by distracting items or people in the background, they won’t be able to get over this fact.



This will mean they will leave the call with that memory, rather than the key message that you were trying to relay. All that preparation you had put in to ensure that your delivery was good and your slides look smart will have gone to waste.





If you have an important call to make, you really do not want ANYTHING to get in the way of the message you are trying to portray.

However important the message, if your audience are struggling to understand what you’re saying because you sound like you’re down a drain, or they can’t see you properly because you’re in the dark, they’re going to miss vital information.




It is crucial that what you are communicating takes centre stage and the technology helps rather than hinders that. Ultimately, you want your audience to have the same experience whether they were in the room with you or not.





This is where Tech TV come in. We provide high production Zoom, Teams and WebEx calls for important calls, like CEO briefings, investor calls, pitches, conference presentations and more.

Professional sound and lighting are top of the list. But using our skills and experience, we will also make sure your background is well composed and the framing looks good.

On top of that, we can also supply AutoCue tele-prompting as part of the package too. Additional coaching and guidance by highly experienced, professional Producers is also available if this is something you were after. This will ensure your message is delivered as clearly and succinctly as possible.

Got a PowerPoint presentation, charts or slide deck? No problem – we can mix these in alongside your video stream.

A Producer can be on hand to guide through everything on the ground and make your Zoom or Teams call look like a professional TV broadcast.

No more shadows, echo, bad sound or unflattering angles. Just clear, crisp, smart, professional video communication. So you just have to focus on what you need to say without the worry of how you look or sound.

Whether it’s a CEO message or presentation to staff, an investor update, remote pitch or similar – with our High Production Zoom Call service, we will make it look professional and sound slick. We take the worry out of those big communications, ensuring you and your company look and sound the best they possibly can.

With so many crucial business decisions now being made by video call, this is becoming more and more critical. Is a laptop balanced on some books on a kitchen table, really how you want to present your key people?  


Got more questions on how to make zoom calls look good? Get in touch and let us help.