How To Fit Online Video Into Your Marketing Strategy

Is online video incorporated into your marketing strategy? If not, then its time you did. Online video is considered to be an asset to any business website just like with any blog. Video however, has a different kind of appeal than any other content it allows users to be informed about any company, product or event within seconds. Online videos allow for an easy, friendly and modern user experience. They can take a complicated subject that requires pages of writing to explain and showcase it easily in a video. Digital Sherpa revealed that 80 per cent of your online visitors would watch a video, while only 20 percent will actually read content in its entirety. So with that in mind here are three ways to incorporate video into your brand’s video marketing strategy.


1. Video For Your Website

So to start, get a video for your website homepage. They can be as direct as an overview of what your company does, who you are and why you’re better than your competitors or simply about one of your products. Video embedded into other content like blogs seem more appealing to readers. It can provide additional context and engagements that normal text based formats alone wouldn’t normally be able to achieve.

2. Customer Testimonials

Does your company have loads of happy customers? If that’s a yes, get them to talk about their experience and how happy they are on camera. Customer testimonials are a great way to endorse the key benefits of your business or product as they can create believability, credibility and people are more likely to find they can related to the testimonials. Remember, your company video isn’t just about your product or brand. Testimonials about your customer service are valuable too If a customer had a problem and you had a solution, don’t be afraid to share that

3. Get The Experts In

Why not get your experts of your business giving advice and giving their expert opinion on current issues that people are talking about online. Koozai reports that 46 percent of users are more likely to take action after viewing a online video with an expert opinion involved. Expert opinion can create more credibility as they look to be professionally re-enforcing what your company is saying.


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