High Production Video Calls

Have an important pitch, CEO message, investor update or presentation? Faced with the prospect of delivering this over Zoom, Microsoft Teams or WebEx? Worried that your audience won’t be able to see or hear you or your MD properly?

With our High Production Zoom, Teams and WebEX Video Call service, we come in to make those important calls look and sound professional and slick. Using our professional cameras, lights and microphones, we take the worry out of those big communications and ensure that you and your company look and sound the best they possibly can.

We can mix in PowerPoint presentations or slide decks, supply AutoCue and professional coaching and guidance if needed.

No more shadows, echo, unflattering angles or distracting backgrounds. Think high quality, crisp, polished images and sound.

All with the can-do TECH TV service.

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Presenting Coaching And Guidance

We can also offer coaching and guidance on how to deliver your message in the best possible way.

Provided by one of our highly experienced Producers we can run sessions in-person or online.

From how to hold yourself to how to present your message virtually, we can give you tonnes of hints and tips to ensure you look professional and in control at all times.

Need More?

Need more than just a high production, well lit and framed Zoom, Teams or WebEx call? We can now offer subscription packages for Zoom type video edits for you and your team. Please ask for more info.

Or maybe you need a more polished business, marketing or sales video handled from start to finish.

Then get in touch with our multi-award winning video team now.

They'll be happy to help.

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