So you’ve got the go-ahead to get the wheels turning on your next big marketing video. But how do you find the best video production companies in London to help bring your ideas to life?

How can you tell which video production companies in London you can trust? Who will do an amazing job and will produce you something that will be effective at doing what you need it to do?


One hallmark that the best video production companies in London share is a slick website.

Don’t just consider the quality of the website, check out their team page or their ‘about us’ page. Have they got pictures of their staff? If they don’t, there’s a possibility they could just be a one-man band.

Which is fine, but if you’re after a full-service video production company or have a particularly large project in mind, maybe a one-man band isn’t for you.




Another good scope is to look at their social media. Are they active? Are they posting? What are they posting?

Social media channels can be a good window into what they will be like to work with and what kind of stuff they are working on at the moment.

A company’s social media is their shop window. If you walk past a shop and all the lights are off and no one is inside, chances are you won’t go in.

If they haven’t posted across any social media channels for weeks or months, then that could be a red flag.



It may seem obvious but watch their videos. See who they are making videos for and what the quality is like. If they’re making videos for some of the biggest brands out there, chances are they are a safe pair of hands.

Usually, the best port of call is to check out their showreel. A showreel will be a mash-up of their greatest hits and will give you a good idea of the kind of stuff they make.





If you’re still unsure, give them a call. The ultimate test about what someone is like to work with is just to speak to them.

Did they answer the phone first time? Are they friendly to chat with and have a can-do attitude? Any decent video production company in London should be able to answer your questions and give you the confidence you need.

If you’re looking for the best video production companies in London, then you’ve already found one of them.

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