Crossrail by Drone and Timelapse

Even if you don’t live in London, you’ve more than likely heard of the Crossrail project. BBC even aired a TV series ‘The Fifteen Billion Pound Railway‘, following the 10,000+ strong team that are working on the project. It covered all aspects of the build, taking you deep underground as well as watching the painful process of installing the escalators. You’d think watching a new London Underground line being built would be quite dry, however it was far from it.

After three long years of non-stop work, the tunnelling is finally complete. Not to say the project is complete, the new line is due to open in 2018, however it’s one of the major parts of the process. And now, you can dive into the tunnels and see how things are running thanks to the video below. With the use of some nice graphics for the key facts, fast paced timelapse, and of course the movement of the drone, you can see plenty of the Crossrail project. It’s pretty incredible to watch, we’re now able to run the line before a train line has even be installed – crazy!


Drones have give video productions a new edge, making things that would usually be impossible, possible! Without the drone it would have taken an age to capture the Crossrail footage. It’s not just the movement and accessibility of drones, the cameras rig capability is amazing. It’s not just about getting any aerial footage nowadays, being able to rig a Panasonic GH4 or even a Red Epic means you can capture super crisp and sharp images.



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