Company Video Size Matters – Think Like A Chef

And by this we mean – take your company video idea, then SLICE AND DICE it.

When faced with a YouTube video, are you finding yourself instantly hunting for that important nugget of numerical information normally found in the bottom right hand corner of the video window? Those often tiny little digits provide an insight into the amount of effort required on your part, to sit and take in what the video facing you has to offer. If those numbers are verging on being divisible by 10 your heart tends to drop.

In the age of the iPad and Smartphone, we’re basically turning into children. We can’t sit and watch one thing online for more than a couple of minutes (if that) before getting bored and clicking over to something else. So if we’re doing this, imagine what your clients are thinking when they see your 7 mins+ company video…?!

Think SHORT.

Take your company video message and cut it up into little pieces. Just like chef Ramsay would with his vegetables. Rather than having one long video covering lots of different subjects, separate each of those subjects and make a series of short snappy videos to cover each individual message. Doing this means lots of good things –

1: You’ll have lots of company videos instead of one – meaning you’ve got more things to share on the likes of Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and YouTube.

2: Your viewers only have to watch the videos most relevant to them so they stay interested

3: Your viewers are more likely to watch their chosen company video(s) the whole way through

4: You have smaller video file sizes to upload, share and distribute so it’s easier to share your video about your company

5: You can make your tags and captions REALLY relevant for each video – helping to achieve that holy grail of better SEO for your company website.

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