Social Media and the Best Online Video Marketing

There is no doubt that video is indeed an essential tool for any successful online marketing strategy. The popularity of online videos can be traced back to the dramatic change in how people consume media and the type of content that gets their attention.

The advent of social media and mobile devices has changed the landscape of marketing, giving more importance to quality marketing videos. People are now more informed, sophisticated and critical as consumers. Therefore, companies need to adapt quickly, with the current trends. An understanding of social media will help a lot since most of people’s time spent on the internet is on social media sites. Here are four of the most influential social media sites nowadays and how you can fully utilise them for the best online video marketing strategy:



YouTube is still undoubtedly the king when it comes to online video sharing. It’s the go to site for people who intend to watch videos on the internet. The videos that make it big on YouTube tend to be interesting and fun to watch. That’s what you should focus on when creating videos for the YouTube audience. It should be something so thought provoking or informative, that people just cannot help but share it.


Facebook’s popularity remains strong and to date, there are no viable competitors even close enough to topple this social media giant. Facebook has over 1.2 billion users, that’s a large number of people all gathered in one community that you can easily infiltrate. Unlike other social media sites, the videos that go viral on Facebook do the rounds for an extended period of time, even months or years from the date of release. Facebook is a great platform to propagate word of mouth advertising through videos.


It’s no longer just YouTube and Facebook, now we also have Instagram. Instagram is essentially a photo sharing app but now it has branched out to allowing its users to post 15 second videos. They have also recently released their Hyperlapse app. Big brands have immediately used this opportunity to create 15 second hyperlapse videos of their products, providing new content for their viewers. Micro videos like those that can be found on Instagram are very effective when reaching audiences with reduced attention spans, as 3 minute videos are becoming too long to watch. Not only that, these videos can be easily shared on other social media sites too.


Twitter is an interesting medium because both consumers and businesses are using it to promote, discuss and comment on various topics. It’s a huge cobweb and the traffic of content is faster than on Facebook or YouTube. Content that goes viral through Twitter can be short lived, but has huge impact. Anything that goes viral on Twitter spreads like wildfire across all other social media sites. Don’t forget to #hashtagthat!

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