We are back off the ground and heading overseas for a shoot! It’s been a while since the world has felt normal but this month things felt a little more normal for us. After a long hiatus, we finally were able to jet off to a much-anticipated shoot in Paris, France.


After overcoming the initial barriers to entering and re-entering countries, it felt great to be back travelling, creating high-quality videos for business all around the globe. Some of our other projects have taken us to different corners of the globe including America, Brazil, Europe, Canada and more! Wherever your company may be based we can travel out to help make the visions come to life.



This month our travels took us to Paris, France. An amazing city with a rich and diverse culture. After arriving at our favourite London airport, Heathrow it was a long stroll through duty-free trying to avoid the foot-long Toblerone and onto the plane. With the camera gear stowed away below the 1-hour flight began. Who knew that we had missed taxing along the runway so much!

Greeted in France by the friendly locals we hopped into a taxi to head into the centre of Paris and to locate our hotel. As the first trip since the pandemic for all the crew involved it felt surreal being in a different country and absorbing their culture. Although the trip was only two days we managed to make the most of our free time and do a bit of exploring. Of course, we had to visit the Eiffel Tower!

After an afternoon and evening of exploring it was time to head back to the hotel and prepare for the morning’s shoot. This project saw us heading over to a business premises in central Paris to film a client testimonial for the client of our client (a little confusing I know!). The filming day schedule was packed tight but we managed to get everything we needed before it was time to jet off back to England in the evening.


Although the quick turnaround made the shoot fly by (excuse the pun) it was great to be back overseas jetting into Europe.

Location is no problem for us, here at TECH TV we can travel to you and create a professional video that meets your businesses needs. Get in contact today and speak to one of our team of experts.