6 Things Your Advert Video Production Company Should Be Doing

Videos have become a really important element in marketing and advertising. A lot of valuable resources such as time and money are spent on creating these videos. Therefore, it is only right that you work with the best advert video production company. Here are some of the things that you should look out for before hiring one.

1. Asking you what you needshutterstock_129586925

A professional video production company will ask you about your exact requirements and goals before proceeding with the production. It is important that you make your points and targets clear in order to make sure that your advert delivers the key messages that you want the audience to get out of the advert. Your production company can then make creative suggestions to help you achieve this.

2. Meeting deadlines

It is also crucial that the advert video production company you hire values the importance of meeting deadlines. Some companies promise to deliver work at a specified time and fail to do so. Make sure you look out for this in order to avoid any delay in your advert launch.

3. Answering the phone

The only way that you will end up with an amazing video is with great communication from your advert video production company. Communication is a critical aspect for the success of any partnership and this is no different. You should be kept in the loop regarding the progress on your video, whether that’s with a quick catch up call or sending a preview of the video during the edit.

4. Optimising for social media

If your video production company aren’t clued up on social media, you might not be getting the most for your money. They should offer services to support social media as well as video production. Your advert should be easy to share across multiple social media platforms so that it can reach as many people as possible. Understanding social media can make or break your online advert.

5. Sticking to BudgetMobile Video Production

A lot of video production companies these days charge extra fees mid-production, but this isn’t good practice and makes the process confusing for clients. A professional production company should not have any hidden charges, and their pricing should be straightforward and transparent. You don’t have to compromise on the quality of the video due to your budget if you hire professionals.

6. Making sure your videos works on the right devices

A large number of people watch videos using their mobile devices. There is nothing more annoying than wanting to watch a video online only to find out that it won’t play on your iPhone. Device incompatibility is one of the biggest problems when producing online videos. Your corporate video production company should ensure that all your adverts can be played without hassle on different mobile devices, with the necessary knowledge and experience in the industry to be able to tell what would work best for every platform.

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