Here are 5 reasons why you need to include podcasting in your 2022 marketing strategy. First, let’s get to know what a podcast is. In short, it’s a spoken-word audio episode that focuses on a specific topic or theme. Currently in the UK on average 6.5 million adults listen to at least one podcast per week, That’s a staggering 12% of the population. Let’s break it down and look at why you need to get a podcast in your 2022 marketing strategy!



A podcast requires very little effort to engage with. Unlike written content which your audience would have to read over and over again for the message to stay with them, a podcast allows the audience to just hit play and relax. They are perfect when multitasking and finding the time in a busy schedule.



The number of unique podcast listeners is constantly growing. There were 48 million podcast listeners in 2018 which has grown to 115 million in 2021. With the increase in work from home and hybrid work scenarios, more and more people are listening to podcasts in the background while they work.


Female broadcaster interviewing her guest in a studio


Podcasts have extremely low competition compared to other content areas. This can be seen with 80 million Facebook pages compared to only 700,000 podcasts currently airing. This number then shrinks drastically when searching for specific topics, offering you unparalleled access directly to your audience.



Developing a podcast audience ahead of your competition is extremely important. Not only do podcasts position your brand as the leading expert in your field, but listener trends have also shown a trend in listeners coming back more when a schedule is in place. This may be one episode a week, month or more. Having social media accounts linked to your podcast can also allow the audience to turn to these channels to continue the conversation and interact with each other and your business.



In a podcast, the content is communicated directly to the audience. This allows the message you are trying to get across to feel a lot more personal. This much more intimate way of getting information across compared to a format email or document means that the audience is more likely to take on board your message.


5 reasons to include podcasting in your 2022 marketing strategy


In conclusion, a podcast brings a lot of benefits to a businesses marketing strategy. The competition for podcast audiences is beginning to heat up so now is the best time to make one yourself.

Here at TECH TV, we can help you through the process with our team of experts bringing your podcast to life. Act now to establish that loyal audience before your competitors enter the podcasting space. Get in contact today to get your 2022 podcast sorted, we will make it simple easy and fun!