As we approach June 21st and the unlocking of the country, many companies are looking forward to properly getting back to business.

But a lot has changed over the last 12 months and there may well be various messages that you, as a business, need to get out to your colleague and customers.

And there’s no better way to get a message across than through a high quality corporate video.




Back in March 2020, offices and places of work were forced to close their doors as employees were moved into working remotely from home.

As the country cautiously (but irreversibly!) opens up, many businesses are now starting to open their offices up again and encourage workers to come back to the workplace.

What better way to celebrate this and capture the buzz of your office than through a high quality corporate video.





It’s been a strange time for everyone and many employees have gone above and beyond for their companies during this time.

A video message from your CEO or director is a great way to show the company’s appreciation for it’s staff and is a fantastic morale booster as well.

Written letters are great, but a high quality video gives a real personal touch.




It’s fair to say that the pandemic has brought out the very best in many of us. Your colleagues are no exception.

Whether it’s going the extra mile for the business, for a client or for their local community. Mini case studies showcasing and celebrating your amazing staff are a fantastic way to boost internal morale and are fantastic for your company’s PR.




Events over the past 12 months have forced many businesses to adapt and evolve. New processes are often born from these evolutions. Whether that be new software to use, or new working patterns for employees.

The most effective way to explain these new processes are through high quality video and animation. Whether it’s a talking head video or a 2D animation, if you want employees to understand new processes, video is the the way to go.



It’s not just individuals who have gone above and beyond, but also businesses as a whole. Got a good example of a client who your business went the extra mile for during the pandemic?

Or an example of where your company had to really think on their feet when the pandemic ripped up the business rule book?

A high quality case study video is a great way to showcase your abilities and win more business.



If you’d like any advice on how high quality video production can help you get back to business, get in touch with our team today.