4 Things Your Pre-Roll Advertising on YouTube Should Do

YouTube pre-roll advertisements are a growing trend in the field of digital marketing. It’s hard to ignore them and if used wisely, these may not only prove to be an effective tool for creating awareness but also for generating website traffic. However, pre-roll YouTube advertisement may be hard to skip for the viewers but for this very reason these may as well be resented by them. In order to increase the appeal of your YouTube pre-roll advertisements for the viewers you need to make sure that these have all the right ingredients in the right proportion. Only then these will be able to achieve their purpose. To make your YouTube pre-roll videos more impactful you may seek the assistance of a professional video production company such as Tech TV. A professional video production company can create pre-roll YouTube advertisements for you that have all the necessary elements. Hence, it will be able to achieve its intended purpose.

Your pre-roll YouTube advertisements should be:

  • Quick to Grab the Audience’s Attention

Primarily, your pre-roll advertisements should be quick to increase viewer engagement. If they fail to do so there seems to be no point of investing in these. Present day viewers easily get annoyed and have extremely short attention spans. To make sure that they do not close the video soon after the advertisement is played make it interesting and engaging for the audience. Add something new to your video so that it is quick to grab the viewers’ attention and keep them engaged.

  • Make your video interesting

As we mentioned earlier, you should create a video advertisement that your audience will find interesting. Specify your audience and add elements in your video that are of their interest. Narrate a story and make it more relatable to your audience. An interesting video will be able to keep your audience engaged for longer and will convey your message more effectively. With an interesting video you will be to create a greater impact.

  • Keep your video shortScreen Shot 2015-04-02 at 14.54.48

Keep your videos short and to the point. Create videos that are punchy, viewers don’t have time or the patience to sit through long descriptive videos. They want something short, interesting and engaging. It would be unrealistic to expect your audience to sit through a 3 minute long video before the actual video begins. Long videos can repulse your audience. Try and avoid creating videos that are longer than 15 seconds so that your viewers watch the entire video and do not miss out on your message.

  • Add a Call to Action to your video ads

Add a call to action in your advertisements to make them more effective. Motivate people to visit your website and increase your website traffic. This way you will be able to see tangible results and increase your sales leads. A pre-roll advertisement on YouTube is a unique and interesting way to market yourself, but only if used effectively.


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