3 Reasons Your Company Needs to Be on YouTube

According to these remarkable stats from inbound marketing and sales platform leaders Hubspot, online videos account for 50% of all mobile traffic. That’s not bad, and that’s something that needs to be considered by any business owner who is looking for greater online presence and promotion. To put it bluntly – your company needs to be on YouTube. 1586626_orig

It should also not go un-noted by any business owner that YouTube is owned by Google and it is also the 2nd largest search engine. Of course, the mere fact that Google owns this powerhouse for videos means that you’ll get kudos for being on it when it comes to search engine results. Just be sure to add your url to your YouTube profile to get best results including more traffic.

YouTube might be big, but that doesn’t mean that even the smallest of businesses cannot benefit from a presence on it. Since YouTube started out in 2005, it’s managed to gain the biggest market share when it comes to its role as a website for videos. According to stats company Quantcast, it pulls in almost 200 million visitors a month.

Here’s what you need to consider when it comes to advantages of setting up a YouTube channel for your business:

Visibility and credibility

YouTube provides an excellent opportunity to gain visibility. Using a well made video that has ‘shareability’ your business could ride the marketing waves of social sites such as Facebook and Twitter to gain more exposure. Videos can also easily be integrated and shared through social media, blog posts, your website and any email marketing. This makes your marketing efforts so much easier. Although YouTube already has its own community that you could also be seen by, branching out onto sites such as Twitter, Google+ etc will give you a chance to capture the attention of other web visitors.

More than 1 billion users to connect with

With more than 1 billion users regularly using YouTube, that’s certainly a lot of people to be showing your products and services to. It’s far more than you could expect to walk up and down your local high street, past your bricks and mortar store. The web also means that you’re open 24 hours a day to receive enquiries at worst, sales at best.

Mobile devices offer essential marketing opportunityYouTube

Most people have a smart phone or tablet these days. Mobile devices are being used as a one-stop shop for information, shopping and entertainment. Consumers feel more confident about buying a product that they’ve seen on video for two clear reasons. Firstly, if the video is well made, the credibility of the company and therefore product is raised. Secondly, they feel they know more about it and what value it will bring to their lives.

One more thing!

Our bonus reason for being on YouTube is that you can explain your products in a far more real way. Of course, written content is valuable online, but being able to explain your products and services in your own voice cannot be beaten, this is particularly true when it comes to lifestyle marketing.

If you’re unclear how to make the best of you YouTube videos when it comes to marketing strategies, fear not. YouTube has plenty of tools that will help you to gain views and followers to your YouTube channel. With 4G rolling out across the country, it’s easier than ever for mobile device owners to access video even if they are on the go.

It’s true – video has killed the radio star, and YouTube videos are the way to go. Now can you see why your company needs to be on YouTube?

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