Where we make your video come to life.


We have 4 state-of-the-art edit suites loaded with all the latest software and plug-ins. We also have a custom-built viewing suite for our clients to come and sit in on an edit.


We have a license with a top royalty free music company with an endless selection of different tracks. So you can find the perfect track for your video.


We offer loads of great extras for your video from stylish motion graphics to world class voiceovers.



Our quality control is second to none. We meticulously check all of our videos to ensure that everything is perfect before we send you the final files. You won’t find any dropped frames with us.


We’ve won awards for our video editing here at Tech TV. We offer a full video editing service, transforming video footage into works of art in our top of the range Apple powered edit suites.

Operating four video editing suite, built around Apple’s Final Cut Pro, plus the leading industry plug-ins and effects, we have all the essentials in-house to create your high-end corporate video. Even if you are simply looking for some post production for your existing film footage, our editing expertise is on hand.

We have accounts with leading royalty free music, stock footage and graphics suppliers, as well as great relationships with many professional voiceover artists. Providing a full video production service, and a professional finish to all our projects.

We not only have all the video editing equipment we could possibly need, but we also have a purpose built viewing edit suite for our clients, along with a hotdesk workspace with fast wi-fi, a landline phone and fresh coffee on tap –  it means you can work, whilst we are editing your video or film.



Once we get back from the shoot, the first thing we will do is back up the camera rushes to our cloud storage system to ensure that your video files are safe and sound.

We’ll then load them into our edit suites to begin the edit. If we’ve filmed interviews we can send you a low resolution preview of the interview rushes, so you can pick the bits you want to include in the video. We can add music, voiceovers, motion graphics and anything else you want to include in the video. Our team of editors have got years of experience and know exactly how to tell your company’s story.


Once we have completed the first version of your video, we will send up to our online video review platform for you to see. If you spot some things that you want to change, then you can add your comments and we will make these changes. We will have already agreed upon how many round of amendments you have in the pre-production stage, so there will be plenty of opportunity for you to make sure that it is spot on.

Once we’ve made all of your changes and have your final approval, we will export the video into different file formats. We’ll also meticulously check all of the final files, making sure that there were no errors during the export.


Once we’ve exported your final files we will send them to you via an online file transfer system for you to download. We’ll also send you a USB stick with the final files in one of our personalised USB cases. With both digital and physical files we’ll provide a small guide which will tell you how to get the best out of the different file formats.

We’re also more than happy to offer you advice about what to do with your video and how to maximise it’s exposure and, as a result, it’s effectiveness.

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