Antaco is an Energy Solutions company who have pioneered and patented the UK’s first bio-plant which turns any type of organic waste into a clean burning bio-coal. They came to us wanting 5 different videos to help them promote their company and their technology. This would require us to fly to their new site in Germany for 2 days of filming their bio-plant and their employees.

The challenge for this video was to create 5 different videos that all had to serve different purposes. The videos would range from a cinematic teaser trailer to a longer version aimed at potential investors.



During the pre-production stage, we worked closely with Antaco to fully understand the requirements for each video. We then worked to create visual storyboards, scripts and a creative treatment to help give them a better idea of what the video would look like. We also took care of booking all of the logistics required for the shoot. This included the hiring of extra kit, booking crew accommodation, booking flights to Germany and car hire. Once everything was sorted we jetted over to Germany to begin filming.


During the filming stage, we used a wide variety of different equipment to help us achieve a really stylish look to the video. We used professional dimmable lighting, with coloured gels, inside the containers to help give it a really cool look to it. Using our visual storyboards for reference, we filmed the various different set-ups in and around the containers that we needed. We also used a lightweight drone to capture aerial footage of the bio-plant. We were also very pleased that the weather held out for us, allowing us to capture some nice bright footage with natural lens flares.


After we touched back down at Tech TV HQ, we loaded all of the footage into our custom-built edit suites to start cutting the videos together. We combined the footage we shot in Germany with some stock footage to bring the videos together and match the visual storyboards. Each video had to be edited differently and required different things. We organised and recorded a professional voiceover for the videos which needed it and, for those that didn’t, we used stylish motion graphic text to help drive home key points. We also produced a 3D animation that would act as a visual example of how their technology works. Because it was , at times, quite overcast on the shoot day; we brightened some of the shot and added some special effects to make sure they matched the brighter shots.

The videos were uploaded to our online video review system for client feedback. After a few amendments, the final videos were exported and electronically sent over to the client.


Once the client had received the final files, we offered to take care of the social side to their video. We rebranded their YouTube page with logos, banners, and links to their other online outlets. We uploaded their videos to the YouTube channel for them and created crisp and stylish custom thumbnails for each video. We also took care of the search engine optimisation for each video. This included giving the videos SEO friendly titles, bios and tags. This all put their videos in the best possible position to be found online.



Do you want a short teaser trailer to help lure in your potential customers or investors? Maybe you want it to promote your next big marketing campaign? Well, Tech TV has got you covered. We can help you create a compelling and cinematic teaser trailer for your company. Whether it’s in Surrey or Singapore, we can get there and get it done.

Want some help getting it online and getting it seen? We can do that too! We can upload your video to various social networks and video hosting platforms, we can make sure it’s SEO friendly and we can create you some bespoke custom thumbnails. We’re not promising it will go viral, but we can get it in the best possible position to be seen.


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