High-end, professional pitch videos that are designed to help you win more business.




The most important thing to let your video production company know is who you’re pitching you’re pitching to. Are they investors? Are they vendors? Are they customers? Also think about the key points that you want to hit and what makes you different from all the other companies out there.

Don’t worry too much if you haven’t got a crystal clear idea of what you want the video to look like. We can work closely with you to produce a great concept for your video. We’ll also sort any other aspects for the filming stage, such as actors, locations and any travel.


We use high-end, professional video cameras, with professional cine lenses to capture crisp and gorgeous looking video.But more importantly, we know how to get best out of our cameras. Anyone can pick up a camera and film stuff; it takes experience to shoot professional looking video. And we’ve got experience by the bucket loads. In addition to this, we also have access to other equipment such as aerial drones and Steadicam systems to help give your video a professional and stylish feel.


We will then load all of the footage into our state-of-the-art edit suites for our team of award-winning editors to get started on the editing. We can work closely with you during this stage; adding music, motion graphics and voiceover. We will ensure that all of your key messages are hit.

You can even come and sit in on an edit. We have a purpose built viewing suite for our clients, along with a hot-desk workspace with fast wi-fi.

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