Take your video further and give it the ‘wow’ factor.


We’ll work with you from the start to discuss your ideas, review any examples you like and do everything we can to get your animation off to the right start.


We’ll produce you visual storyboards, scripts and anything else we need to get started on the animation.


We work with a team of talented animators and graphics guys who can build your animated video from scratch and develop it into something 100% tailored to you.


We’ve worked with loads of world-class voiceover artists who can help put that final professional finishing touch to your animated video, if you so wish. We’ll send you a selection and you can choose which is right for you.


Motion Graphics can be found everywhere, from film credits to mobile advertising, web videos to commercials, the use of motion design is hard to ignore.  With the advances of technology, motion graphics and video animation are becoming increasingly complex, high-quality productions.

If you’re looking to add some motion graphics to your corporate video, we can help.  Our graphics guys can animate anything from flying logos and branded opening titles to complex animation.

If you want to grab your audience’s attention, punchy motion graphics are a great way to bring an added dimension to your video production. They also help to create a high end look for your video, along with helping to display complex processes or product visuals. With the use of motion graphics we can bring your company brand, product or event, to life.




Pre-Production is probably the most important part of planning animation or motion graphics in a video. Tech TV can work with you to script and storyboard your project, so that there are no surprises once the videos has been created.

Whether you want to simply animate your logo, or create a fully animated promo video – we’ll guide you through and make it an easy process.


We work with a team of talented animators and graphics guys who can build your animated video from scratch and develop something that is completely bespoke.

Graphics can be tricky, so we often offer a short preview for approval before we make the whole video. This gives you a chance to approve the look, and we can then take your comments into consideration when creating the rest of the video.

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