Professionally made videos to help you secure investment.


At Tech TV, we believe the key to a great video, is great planning. We’ll work closely with you to plan, storyboard and get everything ready for shoot day.


We’ve got years of experience running successful video shoots. Which means we know exactly how to capture everything we need to make your investor video a hit.


A great way to drive home your key messages are through the use of motion graphics. Our team can create you bespoke graphics to match your brand and make give your video a real polished feel.


Professional investor videos are much more impressive than your standard powerpoint presentation. We will tailor your video to your needs to give you the best chance of securing more investment.


When it comes to obtaining investors, you really need to pull out all the stops to impress them and show them why they need to invest in your company. When it comes to investor video, there should be no compromise on quality. Videos are proven to be more engaging than a powerpoint presentation and it a million times more impressive.

Whether it’s something simple like a short message from your CEO or something more complex and in-depth; Tech TV have got you covered. Trusted by some of the biggest companies around the world, we’ve got tons of experience when it comes to making professional investor video.  Which means we know exactly how to perfectly tailor your video to impress your investors.




We’ll work closely with you to plan out everything we need to start shooting your video. We can take care of everything. All we’ll need from you is the key points that you want to hit in your videos. What makes your company unique from other companies? This will help us understand how to angle the concept of your video.

Not sure what you want the video to look like? Not to worry, we offer a full creative service. Which means we can come up with some great ideas for your investor video.


Our team has got years of experience working for something of the biggest companies around the world; which means we know exactly how to get the most out of your filming days. We have access to all kinds of different professional video equipment to help you achieve the look you want to impress your potential investors.


We will then load all of the footage into our custom built edit suites for our award-winning editors to get cracking on the edit. We can work closely with you during this stage; adding music, motion graphics and ensuring that all your key messages are hit. We’ve made tons of professional investor videos, so we know exactly how to make your company look great. If you like, we can also use professional voiceover artists to create videos with that rich polished quality that you might expect from a television commercial.

Want to see the magic happen live? We have a dedicated client viewing suite, which means you can come and sit in on an edit. With super fast wi-fi, hot-desk space and a Nespresso on tap, our office is your office.


From straight-forward CEO messages to more complex videos. We’ve done it all.

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