Got a client lined up to sing your praises? We’ve got tons of experience in making world-class testimonial videos. We’ll take care of everything, from start to finish.




You’ll need to think about which of your clients you want to speak in your video. Do you know of any particular success stories that would make for an interesting video?

Once you’ve sorted which client you would like to take part. We can work with you to help organise the client, what points you want the client to hit and how we can make the testimonial engaging and interesting to watch.


During the production stage we can organise where and when the interview will take place. We conduct most of our interviews using a two-camera setup in order to capture a stylish and modern look. We use high-end, professional video cameras to capture crisp and gorgeous looking video. We also have access to other camera equipment such as steadicam systems and aerial drones to help make your video stand out.


Once we’ve captured all of the video, we will load it into our state-of-the-art edit suites for our talented team of editors to begin the edit. During this stage we can work with you to build your edit to your exact specifications; adding music, motion graphics and ensuring that all of your key messages are hit.

We also have a purpose built viewing edit suite for our clients, along with a hot-desk workspace with fast wi-fi.

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